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Simple answer is because an insurance broker works for you! Unlike direct writing insurance companies who can only offer you their one policy, one price, we match up your insurance needs for the right coverage at the right price with several different insurance companies to find the one that best suits you. We offer you CHOICE! Giving you a multitude of options between different policies that offer varying degrees of coverage. You may want the "all inclusive" or the "bare bones" or perhaps something in between. That's what we do everyday, day in and day out. Providing choices and options for our customers.

Don't all insurance companies offer the same coverages? Most people don't realize that insurance companies are very selective and restrictive on coverages they will or won't offer their policyholders. That's because some companies find certain risks "too risky" while others feel quite comfortable offering enhanced coverages. Insurance companies also differ substantially on discounts. Some offer very few discounts and often set a maximum discount level while others have a long list of avaialble discounts and don't place a maximum on the amount of discounts that can be applied to your policy.

Does the general public know this? Most likely not. We feel it's in your best interest to use a broker as they are the ones who truly are aware of these differences and always seek to put your best interests first.

What does this mean for you? We at Link Insurance believe this helps us provide you with a customized policy loaded with the coverage options you need to adequately protect your assets while maximizing the discounts so you pay less for your insurance.


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Link Insurance in the Media

Link Insurance was recently featured by David Parker in the The Calgary Herald. "Selling insurance runs in the blood".

Customers Share Their Experiences

I have been a customer with Link since 2001 and have found them to be professional in all aspects of customer service. They always let me know what is going on with my policies. Included multiple phone calls trying to get a hold of me, also letters telling me if anything has lapsed or is past due...

- Ken McKechnie


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