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Travel Underwriters InsuranceYou never know what’s going to happen when you’re traveling, and that’s a large part of the fun! But there are many things that could go wrong, too, and those things almost always seem to cost a lot of money. Flights can be cancelled/delayed, roads can be closed because of an accident or due to weather and baggage can be lost. This list is pretty much endless.

Travel insurance exists to protect your wallet against the potential incidental costs of traveling by assessing the reasonable risks, where you’re going, travel times, and many other potential factors. What happens if you’re overseas and you get injured, and who covers the cost of hospital bills? What if you're in a traffic accident?

All these potential risks add to the sense of adventure, but you can’t have a truly good time unless you know that everything will be taken care of, no matter what. Link Insurance can give you that security, just get in touch and we’ll get you everything you need.

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Why do I need Travel Medical Insurance?

Travel Insurance CalgaryWithout travel medical insurance, your two–week vacation budget can easily be blown by something as basic as food poisoning, a dental cavity, or appendicitis. Even a cross–border day trip to the US can quickly turn into a medical and financial nightmare, as many hospitals in the US won’t treat you without adequate medical coverage or cash up front.

Real-life example
A 57–year–old Ontario woman, at her Florida vacation home, awoke in the middle of the night with acute abdominal pain. During the early morning hours, she was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with a complete stomach blockage. She underwent immediate surgery and spent the next 5 days in hospital.

Without Travel Medical Insurance, her out–of–pocket costs would have totalled: $88,200.00

Did you know?

Your provincial health insurance plan does not fully cover you when travelling out–of–province or out–of–country. Outside of Canada, it covers less than 7% of the total cost if you get sick or injured. With protection from Travel Underwriters, you can travel with peace of mind.

Choose Travel Underwriters and Rest Insured.

Travel Medical Insurance:

  • Covers injury or sickness requiring an emergency hospital stay or emergency medical treatment while travelling outside your home province/territory or abroad
  • Maximum coverage: $5,000,000 (CAD)


Includes licensed ambulance, emergency dental expense, prescription drug reimbursement, emergency air transportation and repatriation, board and lodging for you or your travelling companion while confined to a hospital, escorting home of insured children, expenses to bring a family member to your bedside if hospitalized, return to destination if you are returned home following emergency air transportation and more.

Options include:

  • Single trip coverage
  • Annual coverage for multiple trips
  • Lower rates for travel within Canada and excluding the US
  • Choice of deductible

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Link Insurance was recently featured by David Parker in the The Calgary Herald. "Selling insurance runs in the blood".

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Quite often these days we are forced to deal with a lack of customer service and so when you finally find a company that gives excellent customer service it's like winning a prize! Link Insurance has been by far one of the most customer friendly businesses that I have had the pleasure of dealing ...

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