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Things for motorcycle riders to consider:

Is coverage entirely up to you the insured, or will there be a 3rd party as part of the contract due to a lien or lease on the bike? Do you ride to work? If so, where do you park? Can you see your bike? Is your parking lot a “secure” area? If you park downtown, will the bike be there when you come out of work? Where do you park at night and in the winter?

If you have a lien or lease, full cover will be required which includes liability, protection for others’ property or any injury you might cause; collision coverage, which helps you fix your bike if YOU are at-fault; and either comprehensive or specified perils protection. The greatest threat to owning a motorcycle is theft. Nothing beats a clear view and quick access to your bike during the day, except a locked garage once you get home at night. If you have little security, consider purchasing a good wheel lock, chain or alarm. These won’t get you a discount but they may discourage thieves.

Motorcycle Insurance CalgaryIf vandalism isn’t an issue for you, specified perils may be an option. It can cut the cost of your comprehensive cover in half. Comprehensive cover relates to acts by people and by God e.g.: fire, theft, hail, lightening, falling tree branches etc. Specified perils is cheaper but predominantly because there’s NO cover for VANDALISM.

If you take a full rider training course and you have passed your class 6 road test, the cost of your collision and liability coverage will come down. We have to send a copy of your license and certificate showing you’ve completed and passed the course and road test to your insurance company.

When we rate your insurance policy, traffic convictions in cars will “still count”. If an officer in any jurisdiction in Canada or the USA personally hands you a ticket, at any time in the previous THREE years, we need to know. Suspensions and cancellations of your license will also “still count”. If you’ve had accidents on plated and insured motorcycles, those will count too. Vehicle accidents won’t be considered but if you’re stupid in a car, you will die on a motorcycle.

Bikes with physical cover (collision, comprehensive or specified perils) will require your signature on two endorsements – SEF 19 and 40. These stipulate that the maximum value your insurer might payout for a claim will be based on your purchase price. Depreciation WILL be considered. For this reason, it makes no sense to “whittle down” your price to limit the cost of your insurance. For those with aftermarket parts including luggage, keep your receipts and total their costs. The amount you’ve invested in your bike is the amount you want to declare as your purchase price. You pay more for the coverage but if the bike is totaled or stolen, the adjusters can come closer to replacing your bike the way it was.

Due to the higher risk presented by all “toys” (boats, bikes, jet skies, snowmobiles, trailers), your deductible will be paid even if your machine is stolen or damaged by fire, storms etc. To validate your purchase price, you may be asked to provide an appraisal with your application or a simple inspection may be completed by your broker. At a minimum, have your bill of sale available.

You may also be asked to provide a copy of your registration to us once you’ve got your bike’s license plate. Please get this to us immediately. Your insurer can cancel your policy if the registration isn’t sent to them.

Don’t bother trying to “Park” your motorcycle in the winter to save money. Insurance companies base their premiums knowing we only ride 4 - 6 months out of the year. Cancelling your insurance mid-term only generates a “short rate fee” which negates any benefit of a refund. Instead, grin widely knowing that in Calgary, Chinooks sometimes allow a 20 minute scoot on Christmas Day.

If you haven’t been cancelled for payment issues in the preceding five years, some companies will allow a monthly pay plan. Many riders will be stuck with a sole payment, up-front at the time of application. If you wish, Visa and Master Card can take the “hit” and get you on the road!

49cc Scooters are great little machines to run errands or commute within your own neighborhood and still have fun! You don’t need a class 6 road license but at least take time to study and pass the class 6 written test. If you’re not going to take a rider training course you ride naively and at your own peril. Multi-lane roadways will overwhelm the power and braking force available to you. Wind, steep hills and your own body size will have an affect on how quickly you can get out of the way when other traffic decides to share your lane, and they will. You must wear a helmet and please… no flip flops, shorts and tube tops. Road rash hurts and disfigures even at low speeds.

If you’re riding dirt bikes on your own property, there’s no LEGAL need to have a plate or insurance, unless there’s a lien or lease on the machine. If however, you access any part of the Provincial or Federal park systems or enter/cross public roadways, you must purchase insurance and plate the machine. Kids under age 16 can be included on policies. They’re rated by their age up until they’re 16 and can get a class 6 license.

Remember, YOU maybe perfectly able to navigate trails like Powderface or washboard gravel roads but others might be less experienced. Should a rider execute a surprise maneuver ahead of you or cross your trail out of control, the resulting injuries, rescue costs and property damage could be much more than you’re able to bear privately. Trees won’t be held liable and can’t buy groceries for your riding buddies.

Rider training courses are the best way to introduce yourself or others to the varied sports within motorcycling. The classes are useful whether you ride asphalt-only on a touring rig or the gravel byways on a dual purpose or dirt bike. Even people who are thinking of starting out on the 49cc scooters should look at the courses available. The general road safety topics they discuss help make us better drivers as well as riders and specific skills /drills may be the only thing which saves your life.

Insurance purchased from us will cover you in Canada and the continental USA. None of our policies extend coverage overseas. Please also note that insurance will NOT cover you for competitions or racing events. If you’re interested in this kind of riding, please check with the sanctioning authorities. Usually liability coverage is available as part of your association membership or event registration.

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