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Home Insurance CalgaryHome Insurance

Everyone needs home insurance. In fact, you need home insurance before you can get financing for your home. But what does it actually do?

Home insurance protects you from paying out of pocket in the event that your home is damaged or destroyed. Should the unthinkable happen causing damage to your property, home insurance can pay for you to rebuild your home. It can also pay to replace the contents of your home and even cover the costs of living until your home is fixed. If the problem with your home causes damage to a neighbor’s property, home insurance can cover the cost of that as well.

Homes are expensive, and it’s scary to think that you could be on the hook for the costs of damage to your or someone else’s property. All of us at LINK insurance want you to feel protected against these incidents, and we can make sure that you get exactly the right policies for you. Talk to us, and we’ll get you what you need. read more...

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High Value Home Insurance

High Value Home Insurance

Learn more about the options available for your high value home. Link Insurance works with specialized agencies to ensure your home is taken care of.


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Condo Insurance CalgaryCondo Insurance

Sure, your condo association has insurance for the building, but that insurance doesn’t cover your personal possessions, or protect you from costs if you accidentally damage another owners’ property.

Condo Insurance exists to cover the costs of damage, theft, or loss of your personal property, so that you can replace what’s missing. Believe us, your stuff is worth more that it might seem, and try to buy it all from scratch again is a scary thought.

Talk to us at Link Insurance, and we’ll set you up with the perfect Condo Insurance policy to fit your life, your condo, and all your precious possessions.

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Tenant Insurance CalgaryTenant Insurance

As a tenant, you probably don’t think that you need insurance, but you still need to consider the possible losses. Though the property you’re renting has insurance, you still need to insure all your possessions. Theft, water damage, fire, and other hazards can irreversibly damage or destroy your personal property, and your landlords certainly don’t have insurance for that.

Get in touch with Link Insurance today and gain access to not only a wide variety of tenant and condo insurance policies, but also the wealth of experience we have in presenting you with the right ones.

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Link Insurance was recently featured by David Parker in the The Calgary Herald. "Selling insurance runs in the blood".

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