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Link Insurance Agency is your insurance service agency. Choose from one of the options below to see how we can help you.

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance protects you from costs related to automobile accidents, and that’s really crucial. Sure, accidental damage to your or another person’s car can be expensive and auto insurance protects you from those costs. But, almost as important are the medical costs associated with auto-accidents. Protection from all these costs needs to be balanced with all sorts of variables like premiums, car value, driving record, and so many more.

Home/Condo/Tenant Insurance

Home insurance protects you from paying out of pocket in the event that your home is damaged or destroyed. Should the unthinkable happen causing damage to your property, home insurance can pay for you to rebuild your home. It can also pay to replace the contents of your home and even cover the costs of living until your home is fixed. If the problem with your home causes damage to a neighbor’s property, home insurance can cover the cost of that as well.

Business/Commercial Insurance

Much of the time, business owners aren’t quite sure what parts of their company needs insurance and what doesn’t. And, that’s totally understandable. With factors like what sector you’re in, what your company does, how many employees you have, what the markets are like, and countless other variables, who could have all the answers unless they were a full-time insurance professional?

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance exists to protect your wallet against the potential incidental costs of traveling by assessing the reasonable risks, where you’re going, travel times, and many other potential factors. What happens if you’re overseas and you get injured, and who covers the cost of hospital bills? How do you pay for anything if your wallet is stolen? What if there’s an accident?

Motorcycle Insurance

Is coverage entirely up to you the insured, or will there be a 3rd party as part of the contract due to a lien or lease on the bike? Do you ride to work? If so, where do you park? Can you see your bike? Is your parking lot a “secure” area? If you park downtown, will the bike be there when you come out of work? Where do you park at night and in the winter?

Leisure/RV Insurance

It might surprise you to know, but recreational vehicles often fall out-of-bounds from standard automobile insurance, and that’s caught many people off guard. It can be dangerous (and often criminal) to operate these vehicles without proper insurance, so you need to make sure that you’re covered on all your recreational vehicles.